Day 20 Of The 21 Day 5,000 Calorie CARB Challenge

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Day 20, and I am 95.5kg before breakfast which is 6.2kg up from my starting AM weight and 0.3kg up from yesterday morning. Last night I was a massive 96.9kg, watch the video for photographic proof, making my mean for Day 19, 96.05kg, which is +6.35kg from the start! My waist measurement this morning was 86cm which is 8cm up from my day 1 AM measurement. Last night I was 88.5cm again giving me a mean waist of 87.75cm for day 19, which is 8.25cm up from the start mean waist measurement.

In comparison to my 5,000 calorie LCHF experiment I was 1.5kg up at 86.7kg, which was 5.9kg below the calorie formula, and -2cm down around my waist at 76cm on day 20 AM. Please see the 2 experiments compared on a graph below day by day…so far!

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Day 20 So Far...

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