Introduction & Day 1 Of The 21 Day 5,000 Calorie VEGAN Challenge

This is the third and possibly final instalment of my 5,000 calorie challenges, where I eat 5,794 kcal a day of specific diets. In my first challenge I ate a low carb high fat diet of real foods and after those 21 days I gained 1.3kg or 2.9lbs in weight but lost 3cm or 1.2ins from my waist. In my second challenge I ate a high carb low fat diet of fake foods, primarily sugar and refined carbohydrates, and I gained 7.1kg or 15.6lbs in weight and grew 9.25cm or 3.6ins on my waist! All the parameters were the same; total calories and exercise, and despite all that we had 2 very different results.

In this latest challenge I will be eating 5,794 kcal of a high carb low fat diet of real foods, basically a vegan diet, to see what happens. As with the previous challenges the calorie prediction of weight gain is just over 7kg, with the fake foods diet being the only one so far to up hold that prediction. This challenge is will be the most fascinating for me as I’m advocate of the lipophilia hypothesis for obesity, where you gain weight when you eat foods that cause excessive insulin to be secreted rather than the regular energy balance hypothesis. I predict a weight gain of about 3 or 4 kg, that’s 6.6 or 8.8lbs, over the 21 days but as always we’ll let the results do the talking. Below you can see a picture of my food plus my before front and side profile pictures.

Day 1 of the 21 Day 5,000 Calorie Challenge

As I mentioned before this will basically be a vegan diet, so no animal products of any kind, making it relatively difficult to reach the needed 5,794 kcal a day. However, I did manage to design a diet that got up to the level of volume but I am a little anxious as to whether or not I’ll be able to actually eat all that food because as you can see below in the diet details, it’s a bloomin’ lot of food!

5000 Calorie Vegan Diet

Click here to download an excel spreadsheet of the diet 🙂

One of the most interesting things in this challenge as well as whether or not I’ll be able to eat the sheer volume of food, is whether or not my blood work will improve or not. In my first challenge I unfortunately didn’t take a blood test but in the second challenge I did, and as those of you that watched it saw it got a lot worse very fast. My triglycerides quadrupled and my HDL was cut by a third, the 2 most important measurements for predicting chronic heart disease. In this latest challenge my blood work is similar to the start of the last one but my LDL is higher than before, which is nothing to worry about if your triglycerides to HDL ratio is low.

[two_columns_1]Blood Test Results – 13/09/2013

Glucose: 4.6 mmol/L (4.0-5.9 mmol/L)

Total Cholesterol: 5.3 mmol/L (<5.0 mmol/L) HDL: 1.59 mmol/L (>1.0 mmol/L)
LDL: 3.51 mmol/L (<3.3 mmol/L) Triglycerides: 0.52 mmol/L (<1.70 mmol/L) Tri/HDL Ratio: 0.7 (<2)[/two_columns_1][two_columns_2]Blood Test Results – 20/01/2014

Glucose: 4.6 mmol/L (4.0-5.9 mmol/L)

Total Cholesterol: 6.1 mmol/L (<5.0 mmol/L) HDL: 1.6 mmol/L (>1.0 mmol/L)
LDL: 4.3 mmol/L (<3.3 mmol/L) Triglycerides: 0.58 mmol/L (<1.70 mmol/L) Tri/HDL Ratio: 0.8 (<2)[/two_columns_2] BodPodObviously, at the end I will be doing another blood test to see where all of those bio-markers are and discuss them in my final conclusion. Right, now that all of the introductory bits and bobs are out of the way we can get into the measurements for day 1!

This morning I was 86.6kg or 190.9lbs and 77cm or 30.3ins my waist. My weight is down from the last challenge but up from my first challenge as I haven’t been doing as much weight training as late because of Christmas and new year. As well as my weight I did get my body fat measured last week at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London which put my body fat at 12.9%, very similar to the start of my previous challenges.

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Be sure to check the website tomorrow for day 2’s measurements as well as how I feel after eating 5,794 kcal of porridge, potato, rice and beans, as I’m writing this I’m feeling the bloat already! If you have any questions, objections or comments please feel free to comment below or tweet me on 🙂