Diet Dunces

The Diet Dunces Project | Coaching Call (1 of 12)

We catch up with the Diet Dunces after their first week of following The Lifestyle Diary and chat about the ups, the downs and the unexpected of starting their health and fitness journey’s. We also chat about recipes, cravings and how their clothes have been feeling

The Diet Dunces Project | Maintain Health Forever Plan, Goal Setting, Sleep & Stress

In this fourth and final instalment of The Diet Dunces Project education day we talk about the maintain health forever plan where we slowly but surely bring back foods over 8 weeks to see how your body reacts to those different foods as well as how to set goals in relation to health, why sleep is important and how to deal with stress

The Diet Dunces Project | Healthy Lunch On The Go Challenge

In this third instalment of 4 we challenged the 3 diet dunces to buy a healthy lunch on the go according to the newly learned 21 day obtain health plan at Liverpool Street in London! Watch to find out Dr. Malhotra’s thoughts on the diet dunces healthy lunch on the go as well as giving us his final words of wisdom

The Diet Dunces Project | Introducing Rebecca, Sabrina & Victoria

On a rainy day in November 2013 leading cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra and I invited 3 self-proclaimed diet dunces to discuss diet, health and lifestyle! From Monday 6th January we’ll be following their progress in terms of health and weight loss over 12 weeks via individual blogs, Twitter and of course on our YouTube channel with weekly Google Hangouts