Full Fat Recipes

30 Second Low Carb Ice Cream

I think everyone loves ice cream, and for those following a real foods low carb diet you don’t have to miss out with this 30 second recipe!

90 Second LCHF Cheese Sandwich

Super quick and easy recipe to make a friendly cheese sandwich that is great for a snack, lunch on the go or something put in the kids lunch box!

1 Minute Blueberry Pancakes

Total Cook Time: 1 Minute Ingredients – 50-75g Almond flour or Purition BodyPro Coconut (Approx. 4.9 – 7.4g of Carbs) (Click here to get 10% discount on Purition & use code ‘SF10’) – 3 Eggs – Handful of Blueberries -…

Lamb Liver Pate & Purition Pistachio Crackers

We all know we should be eating liver at least once a week but that can be difficult if you’re not a fan of the taste or texture. Making your own pate is a sure fire way to get your liver once a week as well as creating what I call a nutrition bomb 🙂