Expert Interviews

Primal Posture For Pain-Free Living with Esther Gokhale

Esther Gokhale is the creator and founder of The Gokhale Method, an ecosystem of posture education, products, and community to help people recover a pain-free life. After experiencing crippling back pain during her first pregnancy and unsuccessful back surgery, Gokhale began her lifelong crusade to vanquish back pain. Her studies at the Aplomb Institute in Paris and years of research in non-industrial cultures led her to develop the Gokhale Method®. Her method has been featured in many publications including The New York Times where she was given the title, “The Posture Guru of Silicon Valley” and recently, NPR.

How LCHF Can Change Your Life with Larry & Kay Lynne Diamond

Larry and Kay Lynne Diamond have gone from obesity and numerous health problems to thriving in body and mind using a real food, high natural fat way of eating. Larry has lost 125 lbs going from 290 to 165 in less than two years and cured sleep apnea, low energy, low HDL, high triglycerides, IBS, GERD, and just general malaise to the best health of his life. Kay Lynne has lost over 60 lbs in a year and is now also in the best physical and mental health of her life. Their daughter is also thriving on real food high fat eating and went from the 3rd percentile of height to 22nd percentile of height in one year of LCHF eating.

That Sugar Film with Damon Gameau

Damon Gameau is an Australian director, actor and author. Recently he has released his first feature film That Sugar Film which has recently become the highest grossing Australian feature documentary of all time across Australia and New Zealand. The accompanying book, ‘That Sugar Book’ has been in the top 5 best sellers list and number 1 health and lifestyle book for the past 10 weeks since release.

Knowledge Is Power In Nutrition with Prof. Wendy Pogozelski

Dr. Wendy Pogozelski received her B.S. in Chemistry from Chatham University and her PhD from The John Hopkins University. Since developing an interest in the biochemistry of nutrition, Dr. Pogozelski has been working with an international group of scientists and clinicians who are trying to bridge the gulf between scientific research and nutrition education.

Ignoring Guidelines May Reverse Type 2 Diabetes with Dr. Sarah Hallberg

Dr. Sarah Hallberg is the medical director and founder of the Indiana University-Arnett Health Medical Weight Loss Program. She created the program almost 3 years ago and since then it has helped hundreds of patients reverse and prevent type 2 diabetes through low carb and high fat nutrition.

Low Carb High (Healthy) Fat In Practice with Dr. Caryn Zinn RD

Dr. Caryn Zinn is a senior lecturer at Auckland University of Technology’s School of Sport & Recreation. She is a New Zealand Registered Dietitian and teaches in the area of nutrition, both public health nutrition and sports performance nutrition.

Making Positive Change with Emma & Carla Papas

Emma and Carla Papas, known as ‘The Merrymaker Sisters’ are Communication Professionals turned health and happiness bloggers, real food recipe developers and passionate health coaches who began blogging about finding and following their bliss.

EPIC Fitness Summit with Richard Lovatt

Richard is the creator and organiser of the EPIC Fitness Summit, a cutting edge educational summit that takes place at one of the UK’s largest fitness conventions, BodyPower UK. Before this Richard was a personal trainer for 6 years working with the general population, as well as studying a MSc in strength and conditioning. He is also editor for Physique Elite, a large fitness brand in India which has 2,000 trainers, where Richard trained Bollywood star Arjun Kapoor for an upcoming film. Now based in the UK he has his own nutritional consultancy business working with physique athletes, power lifters and the general population at large.

Doctoring Data with Dr. Malcolm Kendrick

Dr. Kendrick graduated from medical school in Aberdeen and trained as a General Practitioner in Scotland. After ten years he split his time between General Practice and education. On the doctor side, Malcolm currently lives and works in Cheshire in General Practice, Intermediate Care and Out of Hours. On the education side, Malcolm set up the on-line educational system for the European Society of Cardiology, working with the European Commission and also set up the first website for the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) in the UK. Malcolm is also an original member of the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine in Oxford and of The International Network of Cholesterol Sceptics (THINCS). With the same brilliance and humour that bowled us over in “The Great Cholesterol Con”, Dr Kendrick takes a scalpel to the world of medical research and dissects it for your inspection.

Is Nutrient Timing Dead with Brian St. Pierre

Brian St. Pierre is the Director of Performance Nutrition at Precision Nutrition, working with a host of fitness professionals, elite athletes, and professional sports teams including the San Antonio Spurs, Cleveland Browns, and more. Prior to his work with Precision Nutrition, Brian worked for three years at Cressey Sports Performance as the head Sports Nutritionist and as a Strength and Conditioning Coach, working with hundreds of athletes and recreational exercisers of all types. The author of the High Performance Handbook Nutrition Guide, Show and Go Nutrition Guide, and Ultimate Hockey Nutrition, Brian is a Registered Dietitian with a Masters degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition. He’s also a Certified Sports Nutritionist as well as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.