A Virtual History Tour Of William Banting

Taking you on a tour around all the places in London related to the great grandfather of low carbohydrate diets, William Banting! From his family residence to where he was advised by William Harvey 🙂

BBC Horizon’s Sugar Vs Fat: A Constructive & Comprehensive Review

It’s Wednesday night at 10pm and it’s been a full on day of coaching my diet and exercise class in East London, as well as catching up over a public Google Hangout with some online clients known as the “Diet Dunces”. My phone vibrates, followed by my tablet making a notification sound, nothing unusual there but this goes on for a further 30 minutes about once every 90 seconds

VIVOBAREFOOT Shoe Review & Quick @ Home Workout :)

We catch up with the Diet Dunces after their first week of following The Lifestyle Diary and chat about the ups, the downs and the unexpected of starting their health and fitness journey’s. We also chat about recipes, cravings and how their clothes have been feeling