Day 15 Of The 21 Day FAKE FOOD REHAB Challenge

Day 15, and I am 90.5kg or 199.5lbs before breakfast, which is -4.9kg or 10.8lbs from my starting AM measurement! Last night I was 91.3kg or 201.3lbs giving me a mean for day 14 of 91.1kg or 200.8lbs, which is also -4.9kg or 10.8lbs from my day 1 mean weight. My waist measurement this morning was 82cm or 32.3 inches again, which is -6cm or 2.4 inches down from my starting AM waist measurement. Last night I was 83cm or 32.7 inches giving me a mean of 82cm or 32.3 inches for day 14, which is -6.25cm or 2.5 inches down from my day 1 mean waist.

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Day 15 So Far...

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Fake Food Rehab Diet

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