Getting Focused with Alessandra Wall PhD

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About Alessandra

Alessandra obtained her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology with a focus in child and adolescent psychology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. In addition to being a practising psychotherapist she also holds a Level One CrossFit certificate, and is the Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach and Executive Director at CrossFit Elysium in North Park. In her original psychotherapy practice she worked daily with people to identify needs, improve self-care and manage stress, yet she was not using these same skills in her own life. She set out to restore balance in her world. It took time, by identifying needs, priorities and values that she wanted to have in her life. She had to figure out why she was not doing all the things she knew would make her happier and feel better. Bridging the gap between knowledge and action to develop a realistic plan of action was the key to balance and happiness for her. In Alessandra's own words "Creating change is an ongoing process that requires effort, mindful dedication and awareness".

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