How LCHF Can Change Your Life with Larry & Kay Lynne Diamond

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Larry & Kay Lynne Diamond

Larry & Kay Lynne Diamond

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About Larry & Kay Lynne

Larry and Kay Lynne Diamond have gone from obesity and numerous health problems to thriving in body and mind using a real food, high natural fat way of eating. Larry has lost 125 lbs going from 290 to 165 in less than two years and cured sleep apnea, low energy, low HDL, high triglycerides, IBS, GERD, and just general malaise to the best health of his life. Kay Lynne has lost over 60 lbs in a year and is now also in the best physical and mental health of her life. Their daughter is also thriving on real food high fat eating and went from the 3rd percentile of height to 22nd percentile of height in one year of LCHF eating.
Larry has become passionate about real food LCHF and the role it can play in reclaiming the health of people around the globe, dramatically reducing health care costs, helping to make people more resilient, and also the role it can play to improve sustainability and ecosystems. He intends to write a book on reclaiming health, his family’s journey, and using ancestral insights to thrive in the modern world. Kay Lynne is a lifelong elementary school teacher and passionate about the role real food can play in raising the strongest, happiest, smartest, and most resilient kids. The Diamonds are very interested in helping other families transition to real food high fat eating and living.

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