How To Run 100 Miles In Under 12 Hours with Zach Bitter

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Cereal Killers 2

Run on Fat charts world class triathlete Sami Inkinen’s transition from pre-diabetic sugar burner to a faster, healthier, fat fueled endurance athlete under the guidance of New York Times bestselling author Dr Stephen Phinney.

When Sami embarks on an epic anti sugar crusade with his wife Meredith – rowing 4,000 kms unsupported from California to Hawaii – their remarkable journey reveals the astonishing performance benefits and pitfalls of successful fat fueling strategies for athletic performance.

As more and more evidence emerges of world class athletes adopting a similar protocol – with remarkable results in some cases – “Run on Fat” challenges the very foundations of sports nutrition.

Zach Bitter

Zach Bitter

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Zach Bitter is a high school teacher and ultra-runner from Wisconsin who set the world record for running distance on a track in 12 hours at 101.66 miles and at the same time set the American record for running 100 miles on a track in 11 hours 47 minutes and 21 seconds. The amazing thing is Zach set these records on a low carb high fat diet...smashing!

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