Ignoring Guidelines May Reverse Type 2 Diabetes with Dr. Sarah Hallberg

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Dr. Sarah Hallberg

Dr. Sarah Hallberg

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Dr. Sarah Hallberg is the medical director and founder of the Indiana University-Arnett Health Medical Weight Loss Program. She created the program almost 3 years ago and since then it has helped hundreds of patients reverse and prevent type 2 diabetes through low carb and high fat nutrition. Dr. Hallberg received her Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree in 2002 and practised as a primary care physician for eight years before launching the medical weight-loss program. She is board-certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine, the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Clinical Lipidology. She also holds certification by the American College of Sports Medicine as a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist. She is the only physician in the country to be certified in this “lifestyle trifecta”. Dr. Hallberg also has a master’s degree in exercise physiology and has worked as a fitness trainer and instructor.

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