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Top 10 80s Rock Tunes To Workout To | Top 10 Tuesdays

According to Psychology Today music is one of the most powerful neurobiological tools we have to change our mood. 80s rock is one of my favourite genres so I thought I’d gather a list for you to workout to, if you’re into that sort of thing.

The Low Carb Guide To Health & Beauty with Franziska Spritzler RD

Franziska Spritzler is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator who takes a carbohydrate-restricted, whole-foods approach to managing diabetes and insulin resistance. She works in private practice in Huntington Beach, California, and has been following a low-carb lifestyle since early 2011. Franziska is also a freelance writer whose articles have been published online and in diabetes journals and magazines, and in January of 2015 she published her first book, The Low Carb Dietitian’s Guide to Health and Beauty.

Primal Posture For Pain-Free Living with Esther Gokhale

Esther Gokhale is the creator and founder of The Gokhale Method, an ecosystem of posture education, products, and community to help people recover a pain-free life. After experiencing crippling back pain during her first pregnancy and unsuccessful back surgery, Gokhale began her lifelong crusade to vanquish back pain. Her studies at the Aplomb Institute in Paris and years of research in non-industrial cultures led her to develop the Gokhale Method®. Her method has been featured in many publications including The New York Times where she was given the title, “The Posture Guru of Silicon Valley” and recently, NPR.

How LCHF Can Change Your Life with Larry & Kay Lynne Diamond

Larry and Kay Lynne Diamond have gone from obesity and numerous health problems to thriving in body and mind using a real food, high natural fat way of eating. Larry has lost 125 lbs going from 290 to 165 in less than two years and cured sleep apnea, low energy, low HDL, high triglycerides, IBS, GERD, and just general malaise to the best health of his life. Kay Lynne has lost over 60 lbs in a year and is now also in the best physical and mental health of her life. Their daughter is also thriving on real food high fat eating and went from the 3rd percentile of height to 22nd percentile of height in one year of LCHF eating.

Top 10 Independent Health Blogs | Top 10 Tuesdays

These top 10 independent health blogs are my top 10 and no one else’s, just me. Also, these are independent blogs run by one person so this list doesn’t include any large scale commercial blogs. As always feel free to suggest anything I missed or neglected below and without further-ado let’s get started!

That Sugar Film with Damon Gameau

Damon Gameau is an Australian director, actor and author. Recently he has released his first feature film That Sugar Film which has recently become the highest grossing Australian feature documentary of all time across Australia and New Zealand. The accompanying book, ‘That Sugar Book’ has been in the top 5 best sellers list and number 1 health and lifestyle book for the past 10 weeks since release.