Managing Brain Cancer Through Diet with Andrew Scarborough

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About Andrew

Andrew is attempting to manage his incurable brain cancer and epilepsy with a ketogenic diet while studying Human and Medical Sciences at the University of Westminster. The metabolic theory of cancer and the study of epigenetics are his main subjects of interest. In April 2013 he was diagnosed with Anaplastic Astrocytoma (WHO grade III) and epilepsy. His aim is to build on his existing knowledge and conduct his own research as he progresses. As an informed cancer patient connected and engaged firmly in cancer research Andrew plans to make the most of the opportunities he has at the University of Westminster in order to achieve his goals. He is also a patient advocate, engaged with researchers at Imperial College London and the neuro-oncology team at Charing Cross Hospital. They are looking closely at various ways to exploit weaknesses in cancer metabolism. A role is now being created for him after his continued success utilising this approach.

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