Smarter Science of Slim with Jonathan Bailor

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[/two_columns_1][two_columns_2]Jonathan Bailor
Health & Fitness Researcher

jonathanbailor Bailor became an exercise and fitness devotee early in his life, spending hours in the gym and carefully monitoring his diet and exercise. As a personal trainer, he worked closely with clients who would achieve the results they wanted as long as they spent countless hours exercising and followed restrictive diets, but without constant coaxing to “eat less and exercise more,” would inevitably harm their health and gain back more weight than they lost. Bailor shared the frustration of his clients and carried the burden of recommending a lifestyle that was not sustainable. He began to suspect that much of what society had been told about diet and exercise was based on trendy opinions spurred by corporate advertising hype, rather than scientific fact.

Thus began Bailor’s most intensive work – a ten year odyssey to analyse thousands of scientific studies and interview top medical researchers regarding the proven science of long-term health and fat loss. Ten years of collaboration, over 1,100 research studies, and more than 10,000 pages of scientific research later comes “The Smarter Science of Slim,” which bridges the gap between the scientific world and the everyday world, dispels the myths and marketing that have fuelled the current health care crisis, and provides a proven lifestyle for lasting wellness by focusing on quality of food and exercise and then eating more and exercising less – but smarter.