South Asian Health Solution with Dr. Ronesh Sinha

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Medical Doctor

RoneshSinhaFor over a decade, Dr. Ronesh Sinha has been a leader in recognizing and treating the specific genetic and cultural risk factors that South Asians face. He works with large employee groups in Silicon Valley, helping South Asians, as well as those of many other ethnicities, to improve their health and reduce their risk factors while still respecting patients’ cultural dietary and lifestyle customs.

SouthAsianHealthSolutionThe South Asian Health Solution is the first book to provide an ancestral health-based wellness plan culturally tailored for those of South Asian ancestry living in India, the United States and across the world – a population identified as being at the highest risk for heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and related conditions. Dr. Ronesh Sinha, an internal medicine specialist in California’s Silicon Valley, sees high risk South Asian patients and runs education and wellness programs for corporate clients. He has taken many South Asians out of the high risk, high body mass category and helped them reverse disease risk factors without medications. His comprehensive lifestyle modification approach has been validated by cutting edge medical science and the real-life success stories he profiles throughout the book.[/two_columns_2][/features_box_azure_blue]