The Vitamin D Debacle with Ivor Cummins

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About Ivor

Ivor has spent 25 years primarily in Engineering Lead and Engineering Manager positions. Working in the Medical Device, Special Purpose Equipment and Electronic Component industries, always gravitating towards the most complex technical issues, where the Physics comes alive. His specialty throughout has been leadership in Complex Problem Solving Methodology (Comparative Analysis, Mechanistic Analysis and Experimental/Statistical Inference) – the ultimate destination of Ivor’s investigations was always primary Root Cause Resolution in the minimum time frame.
Following less-than-ideal blood test results last year, Ivor went back to his Biochemical Engineering roots and intensively studied the mechanisms and primary drivers of elevated GGT and Serum Ferritin; this quickly led to investigation of general causes of inflammation and dyslipidemia. As the journey became a fixation he went on to analyze over 200 related papers and studies carried out over the past 5 decades and before. He found the value of the technical expertise gained during his career to be of paramount importance in this odyssey. Through this investigation Ivor has realized that to be successful in determining root cause and solution in the health arena, requires far more than a general medical background.

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