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Before we get into these top 10 independent health blogs these are my top 10 and no one else’s, just me. Also, these are independent blogs run by one person so this list doesn't include any large scale commercial blogs. As always feel free to suggest anything I missed or neglected below and without further-ado let's get started!
The critically acclaimed author of Good Calories, Bad Calories and Why We Get Fat hasn't blogged since November 19th, 2012 hence why he gets the tenth spot but even with his lack of recent blogging Gary has some fantastic posts on there that encapsulate what he thinks on the subject of health and diet.
Dr. John Briffa is another author who has recently taken a back seat in the blogging world, with his last entry on 29th August 2014, but despite this he has some absolute gems on his blog about diet, health and exercise.
Dr. Peter Attia is Gary Taubes's partner in crime at the Nutrition Science Initiative but has his own separate blog which is incredibly detailed. As it is incredibly detailed it's not everyone's bag but Dr. Attia is still able to entertain and enthuse people with large amounts of data.
Dr. Jason Fung is becoming one of the most well known thought leaders in the area of obesity. With his lecture on YouTube receiving over half a million views Dr. Fung is well on his way to be written down in the history books some where.
Dr. Malcolm Kendrick is undoubtedly the most outspoken GP, that is general practioner, that I know of. With his recent book Doctoring Data being in the same vain as his blog, he tackles the misuse of data in science as well as delving into the conflicts of interests with government and commercial organisations.
Ivor Cummins is a cheeky and very clever Irish Chemical Engineer that clearly and concisely debunks the bad science that has riddled the diet:heart hypothesis that says that the cause of heart disease is saturated fat and cholesterol just because. As well as deciphering the importance of vitamin D in our lives.
Dr. William Lagakos is a Nutritional Biochemist researching obesity, inflammation, and insulin resistance who has written one of the most comprehensive books on calories called The Poor, Misunderstood Calorie. His blogs are always well referenced as well as being well rounded.
Zoe Harcombe is probably the most rigorous and honest people I know. With these virtues she dissects everything to do with diet and health on her blog to help people think better and live better.
Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt is a Swedish doctor that runs the information packed Diet Doctor blog. With some of the most comprehensive free information on LCHF on the internet is often my go to reference for people on where to begin their journey.
Kris Gunnars is a medical student from Iceland that has built his blog to millions of views each month with such classics as 'How to Win an Argument With a Nutritionist' and 'Top 11 Biggest Lies of Mainstream Nutrition' his blog is also a go to spot for references and a well rounded opinion on the matter of health.

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