Treating Diabetes & Obesity As A GP with Dr. Ian Lake

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Dr. Ian Lake

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About Dr. Lake

Dr. Ian Lake is a GP in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. He has had a long term interest in preventive medicine and even set up a weight management research project in primary care in collaboration with TescoDiets. This was because of a lack of dietary advice in the NHS. The project used practice nurse weight management expertise combined with TescoDiets online nutrition support. It produced results comparable with all of the best current commercial providers, and was commissioned by the local PCT cluster. The project won the GP Awards Clinical Team of the Year, Nutrition award in 2012. Also he is involved in getting cycling on prescription commissioned in his local area. Dr. Lake is strongly influenced by Richard Bernstein's Diabetes Solution book , and subsequently the approach by Robert Lustig, Tim Noakes, Eric Westman, Nina Teicholz, and many others in the field. In the past year he has adopted a ketogenic diet to great benefit and is keen to promote to all patients who are vulnerable to carbohydrates.

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